Our History

Notre Dame School was founded in 1953 by the Notre Dame des Missions Sisters.  The Congregation announced their intention to withdraw from education in Ireland in 2002.  The school is now operated by a charitable trust.  Notre Dame Trust Company has entrusted the conduct, management and financial administration of the School to a Board of Management, which overseas the running of the school.  The Principal of the school is responsible for the day to day running of the school; internal organisation, management and discipline; sharing with the Board of Management the task of preserving the character of the school in accordance with the policy of the Trustees.


The School’s educational programme is directed to the growth of the whole person through spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical development with the objective of helping each student achieve her full potential and is informed by the tradition of the Christian, Catholic and Notre Dame ethos.  In accordance with the Mission Statement, a community spirit is fostered to cater for the needs of students, parents and staff.


Notre Dame is a fee-paying Catholic Girls School, recognised by the Department of Education and Science since 1953.