About Us

Notre Dame School is a vibrant, caring and personal school of 230 girls.

The school has a well established culture of caring for the individual student.

  • A happy and safe school experience is assured for all by high standards of behaviour and self-discipline.  The social, emotional and spiritual development of the student is informed by the tradition of the Christian, Catholic and Notre Dame ethos.
  • A commitment to fostering a love of learning amongst our students ensures excellent exam results for each according to her own potential.
  • Our wide curriculum, up to date facilities and other resources offer the opportunity for each student to develop her individual talents and abilities.
  • An extensive range of extra curricular activities, with an emphasis on participation has led to many exciting and valuable achievements.  Students are very much engaged in the busy life of the school.
  • Our highly qualified and dedicated Staff nurtures an excellent relationship with students and parents.
  • An active Parents’ Association provides valuable assistance on all aspects of school life and promotes communication between parents and the school.
  • Students participate in the running of the school through our structure of Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl, Prefects and the Student Council.
  • It is our ultimate aim that by the time our students sit their Leaving Certificate Examination they will be dependable, responsible, co-operative, generous people with academic qualifications that do justice to their abilities.